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Suicide WP Cover thumbDownload White Paper: Zero Suicide
Published: February 2017

We Need To Talk About Suicide

Suicide is an emotionally charged topic. However, suicidal behavior disorder is a treatable condition, just like other mental and physical health conditions. This fundamental shift in how we think about suicide is the first step in redesigning suicide prevention and care. Read Beacon’s third white paper, “We Need to Talk About Suicide” to learn how the Zero Suicide model can help us to do just that.


Watch Beacon Health Options’ CEO Tim Murphy make the point that we must all start talking about suicide in this video introducing the release of Beacon’s 2017 White Paper, “We Need to Talk About Suicide”.

Follow along with Beacon clinical leaders as they share personal stories about suicide and discuss the Zero Suicide framework in a recent webinar on Beacon’s newest White Paper.

Click here to download the slide deck from the Zero Suicide webinar.

Integration WP Cover Thumb
Download White Paper: Integration
Published: February 2016


Integration is a buzzword in mental health care, but what does it really mean? Such a plethora of definitions leads to a lack of clarity about what activities need to take place, where, and by whom to really make a difference in improved health for people with mental illness.

Click here for a slide deck from a recent Integration webinar: Integration – An Overview of Beacon’s White Paper.

Listen to Beacon leaders discuss the white paper and how we can achieve integration through a collaborative care model.

Watch Beacon’s Integration video to see principles of the collaborative care model in action.

confronting the crisis of opioid addiction
Download White Paper: Confronting the Crisis of Opioid Addiction
Published: June 2015

Confronting the Crisis of Opioid Addiction

There are a staggering 2 million Americans addicted to opioids; this fact should have the public standing at attention in a way it never has before. We have to do something – and quickly. To understand the evidence supporting Beacon’s recommendations, be a part of putting a stop to the pervasive issue of opioid addiction, and help bring about lasting, positive change, we invite you to read our white paper, “Confronting the Crisis of Opioid Addiction.” Download, read, share, respond – let’s help fix this!

Click here for a slide deck from an Opioid webinar: Confronting the Crisis of Opioid Addiction – An Overview of Beacon’s White Paper.

Listen to Beacon leaders discuss the white paper and learn how we can right-treat addiction through the chronic disease model of care.

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