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ACOs: Risk for the greater good


MassHealth is just weeks away from accepting applications from provider and insurance organizations to form Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

But what does that mean in terms of tangible impact to Beacon Health Options and companies like it, the Commonwealth, and most importantly, the member? Should we feel excited? Skeptical? Indifferent?

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Mental Health Parity: Progress and Implementation


As attention is gaining around parity and the implementation of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act (MHPAEA), Beacon Health Options stands front and center in its efforts to help propel the law’s goals. It’s been an ongoing process.

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If the Triple Aim Lost a Leg, Would It Still Stand?

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The Triple Aim is an oft-cited health care mantra frequently invoked by health care’s informed clergy. A recent expensive demonstration project has produced outcomes that suggest one of its legs may be missing in action. It’s not the hoped-for result, but does it necessarily ring the death knell for the Triple Aim? Don Berwick and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) coined the term in 2008 to serve as a pithy aspirational antidote addressing upward spiraling health costs and poor outcomes in the United States. The US ranks first in the spend category—total health care costs as a percent of GDP (17.1 percent). This statistic might not be an issue if our health outcomes matched the ranking. Unfortunately, we also…

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